Sale Town Hall Wedding Photographer // Anna & Nick

sale town hall wedding photographer

Sale Town Hall weddings are always great for me as wedding photographer because it’s just round the corner from where I live and it has lots of hidden wedding photography bonuses such as the canal that runs right by Sale Town Hall which you could easily miss.  Anna and Nick had a really cool wedding, one of my favourites of the year.  The day began with Anna getting ready with her mum, sister and bridesmaid not far from Sale Town Hall and I also went to see Nick getting ready with his best man at his and Anna’s house which is also in Sale.  Nick then met a few guests at the pub next to Sale Town Hall before the wedding and I photographed Nick and his best man on the walk to Sale Town Hall for the wedding.  The ceremony itself was great and a lot of tears were shed, Anna looked fantastic in her wedding dress from local shop The Case of the Curious Bride.  After the wedding at Sale Town Hall the guests went back to the pub next door, my kind of wedding!  Anna, Nick and I went for a short walk along the canal before joining the guests and then later on we went to Walkden Gardens on the way to Sale Rugby Club.  The reception was really different with it being at a rugby club and I managed to get all the guests into the stand for a group shot which was pretty difficult to sort out!  Some emotional and funny speeches followed and then we enjoyed the evening celebration with music and plenty of dancing, it was a great day, thanks to Anna and Nick for choosing me as their Sale Town Hall wedding photographer. x

the bride gets ready for the wedding a reflection of the bride on the morning of her wedding anna looks at herself in the mirror and fixes her hair the bride sprays hairspray and it almost hits her mum in the face a photograph of the bride on her wedding hay, smiling in the mirror anna reading a card from nick the bride hugging her bridesmaid nick laughs as he fastens his red tie nick looks great in his blue suit, white shirt and red tie a list of cocktails on the door to the living room in their house nick fastens his waistcoat nick's best man sorts out his red pocket square the groom and best man are ready for the sale town hall wedding sale-wedding-078 sale-wedding-081 sale-wedding-082 sale-wedding-084 sale-wedding-086 sale-wedding-095 sale-wedding-096 sale-wedding-097 sale-wedding-100 sale-wedding-101 sale-wedding-105 sale-wedding-106 sale-wedding-107 sale-wedding-111 sale-wedding-113 sale-wedding-114 sale-wedding-121 sale-wedding-133 sale-wedding-140 sale-wedding-141 sale-wedding-144 sale-wedding-146 sale-wedding-149 sale-wedding-151 sale-wedding-157 sale-wedding-159 sale-wedding-166 sale-wedding-167 sale-wedding-168 sale-wedding-169 sale-wedding-170 sale-wedding-172 sale-wedding-174 sale-wedding-179 sale-wedding-185 sale-wedding-188 sale-wedding-192 sale-wedding-195 sale-wedding-198 sale-wedding-200 sale-wedding-201 sale-wedding-212 sale-wedding-216 sale-wedding-217 sale-wedding-220 sale-wedding-224 sale-wedding-226 sale-wedding-228 sale-wedding-230 sale-wedding-232 sale-wedding-244 sale-wedding-249 sale-wedding-256 sale-wedding-271 sale-wedding-273 sale-wedding-278 sale-wedding-280 sale-wedding-283 sale-wedding-286 sale-wedding-288 sale-wedding-293 sale-wedding-294 sale-wedding-295 sale-wedding-296 sale-wedding-306 sale-wedding-313 sale-wedding-317 sale-wedding-318 sale-wedding-324 sale-wedding-326 sale-wedding-328 sale-wedding-331 sale-wedding-347 sale-wedding-355 sale-wedding-359 sale-wedding-363 sale-wedding-364 sale-wedding-365 sale-wedding-366 sale-wedding-367 sale-wedding-374 sale-wedding-385 sale-wedding-388 sale-wedding-390 sale-wedding-395 sale-wedding-448sale-wedding-408 sale-wedding-415 sale-wedding-426 sale-wedding-430 sale-wedding-458 sale-wedding-460 sale-wedding-469 sale-wedding-473 sale-wedding-476 sale-wedding-478 sale-wedding-484 sale-wedding-486 sale-wedding-489 sale-wedding-499 sale-wedding-504 sale-wedding-508 sale-wedding-517 sale-wedding-519 sale-wedding-521 sale-wedding-525 sale-wedding-530 sale-wedding-537 sale-wedding-538 sale-wedding-550

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