Mottram Hall Wedding Photographer // Hannah & Stephen

the couple together

Mottram Hall is a stunning wedding venue, it’s great a wedding photographer due to the wonderful grounds and it’s classic decor.  The venue is set within huge grounds close to Macclesfield including an 18 hole golf course to the front of the hotel and beautifully curated gardens to the rear.  The interior of Mottram Hall has been recently updated throughout to create an up to date, high end wedding venue.  All the original features of the building have been kept including the large Georgian windows which give Mottram Hall wedding photographers the advantage of having great light to work with throughout the building.

A dry day for a winter wedding

Hannah and Stephen got married in winter but were lucky enough to escape the rain of north west England although it was threatening to rain all day!  I began my day with Hannah, her bridesmaids and her parents at Hannah’s flat in South Manchester.  The mood was good and everyone was in good spirits, however, as Hannah got into her dress and made the finishing touches I could tell the nerves were starting to get the better of Hannah and she struggled to put her earrings in due to shaking!  I arrived at the Church shortly after to find Stephen who didn’t appear to be as nervous as Hannah.  The wedding ceremony went without a hitch and featured some fantastic singing from the congregation which certainly is a rarity.  Once the couple were married everyone spilled outside for confetti throwing and then drinks and cake in the building to the side of the Church before heading off to Mottram Hall.

Wedding reception at Mottram Hall

Everyone then made their way to Mottram Hall after photographs at the church.  I took Hannah and Stephen off for a few photos around the grounds although the rain was upon us.  We were then treated to some fantastic speeches from Stephen and Hannah’s dad before the room was turned around by the Mottram Hall staff for the evening celebrations.  The night began with the first dance which was a wonderful choreographed dance by the happy couple.  Stephen’s background as a trained dancer really showed, I don’t think I’ve seen such a good first dance.  The night was finished off with a traditional Ceilidh dance which saw guests flying around and I almost got taken out in the middle of it all!  It was a fantastic wedding, thanks Hannah and Stephen for choosing me as you Mottram Hall wedding photographer. x

bride at mottram hall has her make up done
dad practising his speech bridesmaid loooks surprised the bride has her dress buttoned up hannah looking pensive the wedidng dress is straightened out a big hug from hannah's mother the bride arrives at the church to be married hannah smiles at her dad outside church she walks into the wedding venue the groom looks towards his bride she smiles at her future husband he reaches out to touch her hand a view from the back of the church as they get married the young boy delivers the wedding rings the wedidng ring is put on the third finger of the left hand a hand is held up to bless the couple the couple share their first kiss as husband and wife hannah signs the register of marriage the couple walk back down the ailse the couple in the doorway of the church hannah is congratulated by her friends and family the flower girls mess around in the background a friend smles at hannah a documentary wedding photography photo outside the church the groom hugs someone the confetti is thrown the couple enjoy their moment together they kiss under a tree they walk holding hands a cute babythe first dance mottram hall wedding photographer the ceilidh dancing a bloke dances and laughs the parents enjoy the dancing

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