About Me

wedding photographer johnboy wilsonI’m John, a Northern lad that lives in Manchester photographing weddings and I’ve been doing it since 2009.  My friends call me Johnboy and with there being 40,000 John Wilsons in the UK (including my Dad, I’m actually John Wilson the third ha!) I decided to go with my nickname for my photography so feel free to call me John or Johnboy, I respond to both!

I got married in 2019 to my beautiful wife Mel, we got married in Sorrento, Italy and it was the best day of my life.  I wish I could go back and do it all again.  I’m glad we had two amazing photographers – Adam Johnson and David Stubbs.  This is one of Adam’s below…

photographer getting married

I’m 39 but I still get ID’d in Tesco and I have a wonderful little nine year old boy called Oscar and another on the way!  I did want to call him John but wasn’t allowed!  I love to take photographs, everyday I’m photographing something and like most people that is often with my phone.  You don’t need a 100 megapixel beast of a camera to create an amazing image, it’s all about your own vision, looking at the world from a different perspective and seeing moments before they happen.  I do have shelves full of photography equipment, 35mm film cameras, vintage lenses, medium format, instant cameras, plastic cameras.  Too many to be honest!

two kids running down stairs

My love of photography began at a very early age.  I would get a 36 exposure film and go out with my friends at around the age of 12 and “direct” Ghostbusters style films using a picture for each shot and looking back, I was pretty good at it!  I studied Media at University and then went into television at Granada in Manchester.  I eventually became a freelance TV editor and I’ve worked on programmes such as Scott & Bailey and Corrie.  It was during my early years in TV that I started shooting wedding videos as a bit of extra income.  I loved it from the first wedding and put a lot of effort into making them as good as I possibly could.  I’ve trained up a team of TV professionals to shoot weddings to a high standard so I can offer photography and videography packages.  My love of photography meant I could progress into wedding photography with the experience I’d gained shooting wedding videos.  I worked alongside wedding photographers every week, some good, some bad.  I learned something from all of them and it let me develop my own style and way of approaching a wedding.

Your Wedding Photography

At your wedding I will be there to record what happens, not to control the day and make things go the way I want them to.  I won’t be sticking cameras in people’s faces and making them feel uncomfortable.  I’ll be mixing in with your guests and getting to know your family and friends a bit and making them feel comfortable with me being there.  Normally by the end of the wedding I’ve chatted to most of the people there which lets me get involved on the dance floor without getting in the way.

One thing I hear from couples at almost every wedding is that they don’t want hours of formal photographs.  The good news is neither do I!  For me, group family photograph are a part of the day but they can be done really quickly so everyone can get on with the party.  I will sit down with you before the wedding and go through what needs to be done and who everyone is.  Advising you on how to make the most of your time and how to make the formal shots as quick as possible. I can normally get them done in 5-10 minutes.  If you don’t want to have any that is absolutely fine and if you want me to shoot entirely documentary all day that’s not a problem.

A big part of my portfolio is made up of stunning portraits but again this is not a big part of the day.  These can be done in 10-20 minutes, it’s up to you how long we spend on it.  Normally I’ll take you to a couple of good spots during the drinks reception, quite often while your guests are being seated for the wedding breakfast when you have a bit of spare time.  If there is a sunset later on I’ll ask if you want to take advantage of it.  I’ll be having a good look at your venue to find the best spots for epic shots!

So in summary, 95% of my day is spent capturing natural moments.  The laughs, the tears, the hugs and the smiles.  I try to put an artistic twist on it where possible and create photos that will take you back to that moment, years after the event.


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