Great Light Makes The Best Wedding Photography

I photographed a wedding in Southport at the end of the year.  It was the wedding of Fadi and Jenny who planned their wedding in just six weeks, I couldn’t believe it!  The ceremony was to take place at a Greek Orthodox Church in Southport which is about an hour’s drive from Manchester.  I have photographed a Cyprian Orthodox wedding in Cyprus but this was completely different.  I walked into the small church to be greeted by the most amazing light I’ve ever seen in a venue, I was running around like a kid at Christmas, it was Christmas too!  The Church was full of incense and the sun was low in the sky and hitting the windows so incredible shafts of light cut across the room.  Now that the smoking ban is in place in the UK this is a sight that we don’t often see in public spaces but the pubs of this land used to be filled with light like this and it is a look that is often replicated in films with the use of smoke machines.  I’m just working my way through this wedding at the moment and should be delivering it to Jenny and Fadi in the next few days.  It was a gorgeous sunny day on the coast and wont look anything like a winter wedding in the North West of England.  Congratulations Jenny and Fadi. xbest wedding photographyJohnboy Wilson Photography 2015