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Gibbon Bridge Wedding Photography // Sam & Gareth // One Frame

I was at Gibbon Bridge near Preston on Thursday for Sam and Gareth’s wedding.  Gibbon Bridge is a great venue but the high walled garden means it is impossible to get a good sunset shot without leaving the venue.  We piled into my incredible messy car and went to find a good spot, we found one straight away and got some shots but almost immediately the sun dropped behind the hill in the distance.  we got back in the car and drove towards the sun not knowing whether we would be able to catch the sun.  We flew around the narrow country lanes and finally came over the crest of the hill and in front of us was an amazing sunset.  A quick climb into a field full of sheep and I asked Sam and Gareth to walk towards the sun holding hands, simple but effective…

preston wedding photographerGibbon Bridge Wedding Photography by Johnboy Wilson