Featured Weddings

Below are a handful of my favourite weddings that I’ve photographed in and around Manchester and also one that was overseas.  All weddings are different in some way, even if the venue is the same the wedding can be completely different.  As a wedding photographer it’s important to be able to adapt to these situations whether it’s the weather, the people or any number of things that can change the way the day goes.  I pride myself on being able to do this and do it well.  Forward thinking and planning is a big part of the job but also instinct and intuition.  That could be from chatting about the details before the day or watching a scene develop on the day and seeing a moment before it even happens and then being in the right place to capture it.

I’ve chosen a few weddings that are very different.  The first is a church wedding the I photographed in Manchester with a city centre reception.  The second is a countryside wedding at a stunning country house estate with fabulous views of the surrounding valley.  The third wedding is a really fun wedding in Ibiza.  I’ve also included the best farm wedding of all time which is a really long post because there was so much going on at this wedding, anything you can think of they had, including a bucking bronco sheep!  There’s also a great wedding in Cheshire and on the Wirral, see if you can spot the premier league footballer!

If you want to see more full weddings just head over to the blog and start scrolling through, there is a lot to look at.  If you want t see some of our video work then you can find that here.  If you’d like to hear about how I got started in weddings and my style of shooting the you can find that on the About Me page.  If you’ve seen enough and want to get in touch please head over to the Contact page.