Is Johnboy your real name?

No, my name is John.  In fact I’m John Wilson III after my dad and grandad are called John too and I’ve also got 4 cousins called John.  My family couldn’t have though of a different name! Jeez!  My friends call me Johnboy, feel free to call me John or Johnboy, I respond to both!

How many photos do you take on the day?

Every wedding is different and it mainly depends on the amount of time you book me for but for full day coverage I normally shoot around 3,000 frames and if you book a second photographer that goes up to around 5,000.

How many photos do I get?

For full day coverage the normal ball park figure is 400-600 but it can quite often be more depending on the wedding.  If you book a second photographer it is normally 600-800.

Are the photos watermarked?

No.  You receive two versions of the photos on the disc that is delivered to you.  One version is a low resolution which makes it easy to email and put on social media.  The other version is full resolution which you would use for printing.


What equipment do you use?

I shoot with two Canon 5D mark 3’s and a selection of prime lenses and one wide zoom lens.  I also carry various lighting equipment with me to cope with any eventuality and to use creatively.

Do you shoot with flash?

Only if it’s absolutely necessary, for example at the evening reception.  During the day I don’t use flash at all unless the ceremony is extremely dark, like in a dungeon maybe!  I do use lighting for creative portraits but for the most poart of the day I use available, natural light.

How long does it take to deliver the photos?

The maximum delivery time is 4 weeks but I aim to get them to you before then.

How long do group photos take?

So many couples say to me “We were at a wedding and the photographer took two hours to the group photos!” I don’t do that.  We sit down before the wedding and go through who’s who and write a list together.  I like to keep that list short.  Parents, immediate family, group of everyone and then the bridal party.  This tends to cover eveyone and then any smaller ones you want we can pick up on the day.  Occasionally I get asked to do no groups at all which makes me very happy but mos of the time they are something which couples want.  I am really fast when it comes to group shots.

How long will it take to do the shots of us?

As long as you want.  A minimum of 5 minutes but ideally 20 minutes.  I also like to get out at dusk for a sunset shot but we play that by ear on the day.

I hate having my photo taken, will I be ok on the day?

I hate having my photo taken too.  Most people do.  I make it fun and try to make you as comfortable as possible.  No stupid poses, no hiding behind trees, just natural shots of the two of you together.  Don’t worry, I’m nice!