Eclectic Hotel Wedding Photography // Sara & Ben

a golden hour portrait of the couple

Eclectic Hotels wedding photography venues around Manchester include the amazing Great John Street hotel which was the venue for Sara & Ben’s wedding this year. The whole day was at The Old Schoolhouse as it is known (because it is an old school house believe it or not!) and the day began with me getting shots of the general vibe of the girls getting ready. It was very relaxed, no stress and definitely no bridezilla to be found, Sara was completely chilled out and the morning went without a hitch.

The wedding ceremony at the Eclectic hotel was amazing and full of laughter, especially when Sara couldn’t get Ben’s ring on! It was finished by a great reading from one of Sara and Ben’s friend and then everyone headed out onto the roof terrace for the drinks reception where everyone greeted the couple. After a while I quickly rifled through all the group shots which I always get done really quickly and with a minimum of fuss. we then headed out into Manchester for some bridal party photos and some photos of Sara and Ben. I know the area really well so we didn’t have to go far to get some stunning backdrops.

This wedding was slightly different as there were no speeches apart from a short one by Sara so after a great meal everyone headed back out onto the roof terrace for more drinking and festivities as the sun was setting. I used this opportunity to take Sara and Ben back outside to capture some of that wonderful ‘golden hour’ light and the photos were epic to say the least! The day finished with plenty of fun and dancing, I could’ve stayed all night! The dancefloor looked really cool with light up letters supplied by The Word is Love.  Thanks Sara and Ben for choosing me for your Eclectic Hotel Wedding Photography. x


great-john-street-001 great-john-street-006 great-john-street-009 great-john-street-036 great-john-street-041 great-john-street-042 great-john-street-051 great-john-street-054 great-john-street-061 great-john-street-080 great-john-street-087 great-john-street-090 great-john-street-128 great-john-street-131 great-john-street-136 great-john-street-164 great-john-street-167 great-john-street-170 great-john-street-176 great-john-street-178 great-john-street-183 great-john-street-189 great-john-street-193 great-john-street-195 great-john-street-197 great-john-street-205 great-john-street-209 great-john-street-214 great-john-street-216 sara hugs her friend sara and her aunties chatting together family holding hands together everybody together on the roof terrace overlooking beetham tower a balck and white group photo a natural shot of the bride and groom on their wedding day the bridal party laugh together eclectic hotels wedding photography a great backdrop for a photo natural wedding photography as the couple walk down the alley great john street gardens is a beautiful backdrop the brdie and groom hug for a photo on their wedding day two thumbs fresh one of the guests sticks his wedding place name on his head a girl laughs at one of her friends one of the guests has a real belly laugh an uncle falls asleep in a comfy chair a guest hugs and kisses his partner one of the guests laughs on the roof terrace the brdie and her friends share a joke about the hen do one of the bridesmaids is hugged by her grandad the couple get close together in the sunset sara the bride looks beautiful in gorgeous sunset light the bride and groom walk aling the pavement laughing the bride and groom's feet a guest poses in an instagram frame big love light up letters the couple laugh next to their light up letters a black and white photo of the couple on the dancefloor the bride and groom have their first dance a bridesmaid hugs her partner one of the bridesmaids kisses her husband a couple hug and laugh bride having a good time on the dancefloor

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