Colshaw Hall Wedding Photographer // Sophie & Lee

As a Colshaw Hall wedding photographer I am spoiled by this incredible venue and it’s surroundings. I really love photographing weddings at Colshaw Hall, it makes my job easy. Especially on a sunny day with a stunning couple, I really couldn’t ask for more. Sophie and Lee’s wedding was a wedding photographer’s dream gig! The day started for me with Sophie and her bridesmaids while they had their hair and make up done by Carly B. Lee, the groom, was also getting ready at Colshaw so I popped over to see him and his groomsmen getting ready and drinking whiskey! Colshaw Hall also has a dedicated wedding chapel so it was a short walk for the wedding party to the ceremony.

Jewish Ceremony at Colshaw Hall

As Lee is Jewish the ceremony was carried out by the family’s Rabbi and it was something new to me as a Colshaw Hall wedding photographer.  The various traditions made the ceremony all the more special although I think Lee was a bit embarrassed when it took him three attempts to smash the glass at the end of the ceremony!  After the the register of marriages was signed Sophie and Lee headed outside into a sea of confetti and then made their way over to Colshaw Hall’s walled garden for drinks, music and canapes.

How many best men?

To be honest I lost count of how many best men Lee had at the wedding but they all did a speech covering Lee’s entire life, I feel like I know everything about him now!  Each groomsmen delivered a speech but all were different and the guests never tired.  Lee finished off the proceedings with a funny and heartfelt speech which left Sophie and most of the guests in tears.  The speeches finished as the sun was setting so we headed out into the grounds to catch the last moments of sun before the evening celebrations began.  Lee and Sophie performed a fantastic first dance before the guestds joined them on the dancefloor to dance the night away and end a perfect day.  It really was incredible.  Congratualtions Sophie and Lee and thanks for asking me to be your Colshaw Hall wedding photographer. x

For photographers

I shot Sophie and Lee’s wedding using two Canon 5D mark 3’s and mainly the Sigma 35mm ART and Canon 85mm 1.8.  I also used the Canon 16-35mm 2.8 and Tamron 70-200mm 2.8 although these lenses make up only a small selection of the photos.

You can watch the slideshow below which is around 4 minutes or scroll through the images…

colshaw hall wedding photographer bridal bouquet n the window ledge the wedidng dress hangs up
colshaw-hall-wedding-081 colshaw-hall-wedding-085 colshaw-hall-wedding-087
colshaw-hall-wedding-105 colshaw-hall-wedding-106 colshaw-hall-wedding-107colshaw-hall-wedding-031the groom has his collar fixeda groomsman ties his tie in the mirrorthe groomsman laughs to his friendthe groom checks his wedding suit at colshaw hallLee looks smart in his outfit colshaw-hall-wedding-111 colshaw-hall-wedding-113 colshaw-hall-wedding-117 colshaw-hall-wedding-121 colshaw-hall-wedding-129 colshaw-hall-wedding-134 colshaw-hall-wedding-136 colshaw-hall-wedding-138 colshaw-hall-wedding-142 colshaw-hall-wedding-143 colshaw-hall-wedding-145 colshaw-hall-wedding-147
colshaw-hall-wedding-157 colshaw-hall-wedding-162 colshaw-hall-wedding-166 colshaw-hall-wedding-168 colshaw-hall-wedding-173 colshaw-hall-wedding-190 colshaw-hall-wedding-191 colshaw-hall-wedding-192
colshaw-hall-wedding-199 colshaw-hall-wedding-201 colshaw-hall-wedding-204 colshaw-hall-wedding-215 colshaw-hall-wedding-220 colshaw-hall-wedding-224
colshaw-hall-wedding-226 colshaw-hall-wedding-232 colshaw-hall-wedding-233
colshaw-hall-wedding-236 colshaw-hall-wedding-246 colshaw-hall-wedding-251
colshaw-hall-wedding-260 colshaw-hall-wedding-276 colshaw-hall-wedding-278
colshaw-hall-wedding-361 colshaw-hall-wedding-366
colshaw-hall-wedding-373 colshaw-hall-wedding-400 colshaw-hall-wedding-405 colshaw-hall-wedding-409 colshaw-hall-wedding-419 colshaw-hall-wedding-421 colshaw-hall-wedding-426 colshaw-hall-wedding-430 colshaw-hall-wedding-434 colshaw-hall-wedding-439 colshaw-hall-wedding-459 colshaw-hall-wedding-471 colshaw-hall-wedding-475 colshaw-hall-wedding-476 colshaw-hall-wedding-484 colshaw-hall-wedding-489 colshaw-hall-wedding-490
colshaw-hall-wedding-500 colshaw-hall-wedding-503 colshaw-hall-wedding-513 colshaw-hall-wedding-532 colshaw-hall-wedding-560 colshaw-hall-wedding-565 colshaw-hall-wedding-570 colshaw-hall-wedding-577 colshaw-hall-wedding-582 colshaw-hall-wedding-583 colshaw-hall-wedding-592 colshaw-hall-wedding-601 colshaw-hall-wedding-602 colshaw-hall-wedding-633 colshaw-hall-wedding-634 colshaw-hall-wedding-640 colshaw-hall-wedding-642 colshaw-hall-wedding-649 colshaw-hall-wedding-650 colshaw-hall-wedding-666 colshaw-hall-wedding-680 colshaw-hall-wedding-690 colshaw-hall-wedding-718 colshaw-hall-wedding-721

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