Cheshire Wedding Photographer // Sarah & Ben

cheshire wedding photographer

Cheshire wedding photographer Johnboy Wilson photographed this stunning wedding earlier this year.  Sarah and Ben got married at Thornton Manor in the summer, it was an incredible event.  Both the bride and groom got ready in the morning at Thornton Manor, which has many options for accommodation.  The bride got ready in the thatched cottage with her parents and bridesmaids while the groom in the house keepers cottage with his family and groomsmen.

Church wedding

Everyone left Thornton Manor to head for the local church which looked stunning with signage made by the bride herself and her company Rodo Creative.  After the church ceremony the guests boarded a vintage double decker bus to head back to the manor.  Drinks were served outside as the weather was good and the guests got on with having a good time.  We took a few group shots and some relaxed fun shots of the bridal party and then headed inside for the wedding breakfast.

The speeches and evening

The speeches are a good opportunity for a cheshire wedding photographer such as myself to get some great reactions and Sarah and Ben’s wedding was no exception.  All the speeches were great and the best man, Ben’s brother used a photo slideshow to great effect.  After the speeches the room was turned around for the evening and light up letters from The Word is Love lit up the dancefloor with a big hint to the guests: DANCE!  And dance they did, it was a great dancefloor with plenty of special moves and dance-offs!


Congratulations Sarah and Ben, thanks for choosing me to be your Cheshire wedding photographer x

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