Belle Epoque Wedding Photography // Kitty & Simon

bride and groom on the cobbles

Belle Epoque wedding photography can be a tricky job!  The gorgeous Knutsford wedding venue is notoriously difficult to shoot at because it is so dark.  Black walls and little natural light make it a challenge but also make it charming and atmospheric.  In fact, a challenging venue makes a wedding photographer think outside the box and push themselves which is always a good thing.

Local  wedding

Kitty and Simon live just around the corner from the Belle Epoque so their wedding was a very local affair.  I started my day with a quick visit to the venue to get a feel for the place and then jogged across the park to Kitty and Simon’s house where Kitty was getting ready for the wedding with her bridesmaids, flowergirls and family.  It was a busy household, the atmosphere was buzzing with a lot of laughter all morning.  I then jogged back across the park to the Belle Epoque as the wedding photography continued with arrival of the guests as Simon, the groom, greeted them.  Kitty arrived with her Dad as the flowergirls looked on through the window of the Belle Epoque.  Wedding photography is all about moments and Kitty and Simon’s wedding was full of them!  The ceremony was fantastic with a great reading from Simon’s sister and plenty of laughter and tears.

Drinks reception and speeches

It was a glorious day so everyone spilled out into the gardens for some live music, drinks and canapes.  We took a little walk around Knutsford for some photographs of the bride and groom, onto the famous cobbles for example.  On our return it was time for the speeches and Simon’s brother had created the most amazing speech in the form of a song which played on a big screen.  Not only was it funny but incredibly emotional!

Dancefloor action

The wedding ended with some full on dancefloor raving!  Everyone was on the dancefloor, which is pretty small so it was rammed!  Kitty’s dress was spinning and the guests were bouncing!  It was a great end to a great wedding and no-one even noticed that Kitty’s wrist was broken and in a splint from a fall on her hen do!  Thanks Kitty and Simon for choosing me to shoot your Belle Epoque wedding photography, it was a pleasure!

brides dress hanging up bride having her make up put on floral bouquet close up of eyelashes having mascara applied one of the bridesmaids smiling dad comes in to see his daughter the flowergirls love their presents the bride smiles at her friend the bride gets her dress on close up of the dress being fastened the bride looks nervous the bridesmaids help the bride looks over her shoulder into the mirror the bride smiles and laughs the flowergirls look up to see the bride coming down the stairs kitty at the top of the stairs belle epoque wedding photography the groom has his flower put on the groom greets the flowergirls a little cute baby the flowergirls look through the window at the bride arriving the bride in the wedding car she enters the belle epoque wedding venue wedding photography at the belle epoque the bride walks down the aisle 228 230 236 239 252 257 261 262 264 265 266 268 282 288 291 295 303 320 323 329 364 366 385 397 399 400 404 411 414 433 435 442 443 444 446 452 458 459 461 464 472 490 492 500 504 507 508 511 526 528 531 560 577 580 584 585 609

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