Anglesey Wedding Photographer // Cat & Will




This was my first time as an Anglesey wedding photographer and it was immense!  The only time I’d been to Anglesey before was on a geography field trip at school, which was one of the best weekends of my life but that’s another story!  Cat and Will got married on Anglesey because Cat’s family have a house there and it couldn’t be more perfect.  It’s sat on a beach, miles from anywhere, you’d never find it if you weren’t looking for it and to get to it you have to drive across a beach.  It’s remote to say the least.  However, the weather had other plans and 40mph winds and driving rain hammered down for most of the day but that didn’t stop this being one of my favourite weddings of all time.  I even ended up staying on a camp bed in the house until the next morning I was having that good a time!

A drive across Anglesey

I began the day at groom prep in a gorgeous big house surrounded by cows.  The boys got there buttonholes on, had a few wedding photographs after opening a few presents and then shot off to the church.  I then drove to bride prep in Cat’s family’s house  Tipis had been put up for the evening celebrations just next door, overlooking the beach.  The tipi guy had been back during the night and spent hours banging pegs back in as the wind tried to rip the tipis from the ground and send them into the sea!  Cat had quite a number of bridesmaids for the wedding, all in matching robes, made up of sisters and friends.  They made a great atmosphere and if there were any nerves it wasn’t showing.  After hair and make up was done Cat went upstairs to put the dress on and after some old school directions from the family (we actually used a map!) I shot off to the church.

Powercut at the Church

Churches are normally dark places, even with the lights on but thanks to a fire there was no power in the church so no lights apart from the windows.  This certainly is a challenge for Anglesey wedding photographers shooting at this church.  It’s a gorgeous church but wow it was a challenge.  The weather was against me and now light was against me! Luckily the windows at the end of the church gave just enough light with the cameras pushed to their limits.  We hung around at the church for a few photos and for the bride and groom to say hello to all their guests and then we took a short walk to the pier to get some cool shots.  We ignored the wind and rain!

Tipi wedding reception on an Anglesey beach

Once back at reception we had a fantastic confetti moment and then got a few shots overlooking the water.  The speeches followed an incredible meal and then it was time for the evening celebrations.  The Funtime Frankies are a great wedding band, I’d never seen them before, only heard about them and they lived up to my expectations!  They really got involved in the crowd and the atmosphere was electric.  Suddenly in the middle of the set I heard someone shout “Sunset!!!!”.  Somehow, after all the rain and wind, a perfect sunset was happening outside.  The tipis emptied, I don’t think the band were too pleased and we got some great shots in front of the sunset of Cat and Will and managed to get a group shot of everyone too as we hadn’t been able to get one earlier.  It rounded off a perfect day but then we danced for another 4 hours and I got considerably drunk!  I woke the next morning with a raging hangover which was cured by a bacon butty and a cup of coffee and I had little walk on the beach before heading home.  It was great to be an Anglesey wedding photographer and hopefully it will happen again.  Congrats Cat and Will! xxx

Watch the slideshow with music or scroll down for some of my favourites from the wedding…

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