30 James Street Wedding Photographer // Adele & Ian

a stunning photograph of the bride and groom outside 30 JAmes Street.

Wedding Photography at 30 James Street

30 James Street is a wedding photographer’s dream.  It is a building steeped in history because it was once the home to White Star Line, the company behind the Titanic which is why it goes by the name “Home of the Titanic”.  When the Titanic sank it was announced to the world and the people gathered on The Strand from one of the balcony’s on the front of the building.  I know this because one of the drunk guests told me later on in the evening, a little history lesson for me!  The location is great for a Liverpool wedding because it is just across the road from the Liver Buildings which is a great spot for wedding photography.  The day started off with Adele and her bridesmaids getting ready in one of the stunning rooms at 30 James Street.  Wedding photographer’s always like swanky rooms to shoot bride prep in!  It was a lot of fun with a very relaxed atmosphere and Adele looked stunning in her dress.

Matrimonial Ceremony

I then shot off to West Derby for the church wedding ceremony, it was February so the driving rain wasn’t ideal for a day to get wed but it was to be expected for the time of year.  Ian was looking a little bit nervous but was holding it together well with the help of his groomsmen.  Adele arrived in a vintage wedding car and looked amazing walking down the aisle with her dad and her bridesmaids.  The marriage ceremony itself was full of laughs from start to finish as you can see from the photographs.  After the bride and groom greeted everyone at the end of the ceremony the rain had stopped so we managed to get outside for a confetti shot and a couple of bridal party photographs.

Home of The Titanic

After the ceremony we headed back to 30 James Street and I photographed the wedding guests enjoying drinks and canapes before heading across the road for a few wedding portraits.  The wind was blowing a gale so it was a struggle but we got there!  After some hilarious speeches from the father of the bride, groom and best man the evening began with a huge group photo of all the guests and then a couple of night time portraits.  I shot these with my 16-35mm wide angle Canon lens and they were lit by a remotely triggered flash behind the couple that was pointing at the couple at shoulder height and slightly up.  This gave the effect of lighting Adele’s veil and the surround of the huge doorway which then created some cool shadows around the frame of the photograph.  I was really happy with how it turned out.  The evening celebrations began with the first dance and then some really crazy dance floor action which included the groom and some of his friend preforming “The Worm”.  It was pretty spectacular!

Congratulations Adele and Ian x

Have a look below at either the video slideshow with music or scroll down through the photos.

The sign at the front of 30 James Street. The wedding shoes. The wedding dress hanging up. The bridal bouquet looks beautiful with all different flowers. A bottle of champagne is opened Everyone shares a joke and drinks. Two bridesmaids chat to each other. The bride has her make up put on. The bride looks up and smiles to her friend. The girls talk about the wedding. Adele has her lipstick applied by her make up artist. Everyone laughs about the upcoming wedding ceremony. The bride takes a wedding photograph of her and her friend. A gorgeous black and white photograph of the bride. A bridesmaid carries the wedding dress carefully. The bride is in her dress in the bridal suite at 30 James Street. This building is the home of the Titanic. A stunning photo of the bride looking down at her dress. The church in West Derby, Liverpool. The groom smiles at a guest. The page boy looking cute. Ian with his groomsmen. The flower girl with her flowers looks super. Adele gets out of the vintage wedding car. An usher fixes the groom's buttonhole. The groom looks anxious as he waits for the cermony of matrimony to begin. The bride walks down the aisle with her dad. Ian sees her for the first time in her dress. The groomsmen sing a church hymn. A visually stunning shot of the church from the back. Adele smiles at her new husband during the wedding ceremony. One of the bridesmaids wipes a tear from her eye. The father of the bride gives his daughter away. The bride smiles at the groom. Adele laughs at the vicar. The bride and groom get married. The bride and groom laugh together. A wide shot of the bride and groom saying their matrimonial vows The bride and groom share their first kiss. They smile together and embrace. The bride and groom walk down the aisle. The groom points to his niece. The groom smiles at his friends. A guest hugs Ian to congratulate him. A little girl looks up and smiles. An auntie says "oh you look lovely" A groomsman pulls a funny face. People laughing together. An old relative shares his thoughts with the bride. The groom kisses his step-mother. The bride and groom walk out of the church to a storm of confetti. More confetti is thrown at the couple. A photograph of the bridal party. The groom tussles with his niece. The vintage wedding car takes the bride and groom to the wedding reception at 30 James Street. All the guests arrive for the wedding at 30 James Street. Adlel talks to one of her guests. A smiling guest in great light. One of the older guests looks like she's having a good time. The bride takes a selfie photograph with a guest. The bride and groom outside the entrance to 30 James Street. Ian and Adele have a big smooch. The couple stand in front of the Liver Buildings. A classic walking down the street photograph. They walk holding hands. They laugh and joke together. Adele smiles at Ian. A black and white portrait of the couple. Adele laughs out loud. The couple walk back into 30 James street. All the guests are seated for the wedding breakfast. The brdie and groom enter the room. Everyone cheers for the happy couple. The guests are seated for the meal. One of the guests laughs heartily. The guests play a fun game. Adele laughs at her dad during his speech. The father of the bride giving his speech. A bridesmaid enjoys the speech. Ian laughs at the jokes he hears. The groom does a funny dance. Everyone laughs at the groom's speech. The best man laughs at his brother. The groom reads his speech aloud. A groomsman heckles the speaker. Ian and Adele kiss again. The best man gives his speech. A guest laughs along with the best man. A group wedding photograph. Off camera flash wedding photography. The best photograph ever seen.The couple share a kiss and dance together. The bride dances with a guest. An usher sings his heart out. The bride and groom dance together. The groom performs a dance move called The Worm. A groomsman dances in the night. A really cool dancemove by one of the guests. A man dances with an umbrella. People laughing and joking. A girl looks pretty drunk. 30 James Street wedding photographer johnboy wilson

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