Why I Like This Photograph – One Frame

Photographing weddings is one of the hardest things to photograph.  There’s no control like you would have in a studio where things are perfectly set up before the shutter is finally pressed.  Everything moves so fast and you only have one chance to get the shot.  Especially with the way I work, I don’t set anything up apart from the portraits, I just let my couples get on with their wedding and shoot what happens.  You become tuned to looking for moments before they happen and for the 10-12 hours that I’m at a wedding my mind is racing, constantly monitoring people and looking for the perfect frame.  I spotted this shot at Hannah and Ali’s wedding at Oh Me Oh My in Liverpool last October and it’s a shot that pops in my head every now and again, it was in my Best of 2014 blog post.  I imagine that to most it doesn’t stand out, which is fine, I really like it.  I like the symmetry of the shot with the girl looking out into the wedding party seemingly deep in thought, what’s she thinking about?  Whilst the girls on either side are all engaged in something.  Their symmetry is matched with the horizontal symmetry of the building too.  I was walking across the dance floor when I looked up and saw the shot, raised my camera and pressed the shutter, it was all instinct and I didn’t think much of it at the time but I keep coming back to it.

Black and white picture of some girls chatting with one in the middle looking bored