Thornton Manor Wedding Photographer // Lisa & Christian


Thornton Manor is a fantastic wedding venue and being a photographer there is always a pleasure.  Lisa and Christian got married there in February and it could have been a summer’s day, the weather was perfect.  I started my day at Lisa’s parents house with all the bridesmaids and flower girls, it was a great atmosphere and it was stress free!  I then traveled the short distance to Thornton Manor to meet Christian before the wedding.  The groomsmen were all dressed in sharp suits with Christian standing out in a cool blue suit.  Christian’s family is Italian and this added a whole lot of spice to the wedding!  I don’t know why but everything seemed to be a lot more fun!  After the wedding ceremony we headed out into the grounds of Thornton Manor for some natural wedding photography and then we met the bridal party in the bridal suite for a shot of all the bridesmaids and groomsmen, it is such a stunning venue.  As a Thornton Manor wedding photographer it is easy to get carried away and want to take the bride and groom off to different parts of the venue but I like to keep my interaction with them to a minimum and let couples enjoy their day with their family and friends rather than turning it into a photoshoot.  Most of my day is spent getting natural shots of people having fun and trying to capture all the emotions that a wedding brings with it.  Lisa and Christian had an amazing wedding and I’m so glad they chose me to be their Thornton Manor wedding photographer.  Congratulations Lisa and Christian! x

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a view across the wirral bay with the tide inlisa's dad's house on the wirralthe bride's wedding dress hanging upthe bride laughing while she is having her make up doneone of the bridesmaids looks in the mirrorthe bride having her make up done. shot from above through the chandelierthe wedding rings on a platea bridesmaid blows a bubble gum bubblethe bride has her hair doneone of the flower girls laugingall the flower girls watching the bridethe bride smiling as she is laced up into her dressthe brides mother and bridesmaid lacing up the wedding dressthe father of the bride sees his daughter for the first timethe father of the bride hugs his daughter
the groomsmen walking to wards the wedding venuethe groom looks out of the windowthe ceremony room all set up before the weddingthe groom laughs with familythe groom's grandmother arrives for the ceremonythe groom kisses his moth on the cheekthe bride walks down the aisle beofre the ceremonythe groom watches his bride as she walks down the aislethe bride and her fatherthe groom punches the airthe bride smiles as she gets marrieda black and white photo of the bride's grandfatherthe bride and groom as they get marriedthe view from the back of the room during the wedding ceremonythe bride smiles at the groom during the wedding ceremonythe bride and groom as they get marrieda close up of the wedding ringsthe father of the bride looks on during the ceremonythe bride and groom's first kissa relative takes a photo of the couplethe bride and groom sign the register of marraigesthe bride and groom leave the ceremonytrhe groom gives a guest a high fivethe bride and groom walk out of the ceremony roomthe guests throw confettia happy guest talks to the bridea guest hugs the bridea guests laughs his head offthe bride kisses her grandadthe children play on the lawna group shot of all the guests at the weddingthey walk holding handsthey kiss under the archwayslisa in her gorgeous dressa close up of the bride and groom getting togethera shot outside the front of thornton manorall the bridal party togethera stunning shot of the bride in the honeymoon suiteall the bridesmaids togetherthe music room at thornton manorsigns on the top tablethe godfather movie poster as a table decorationa young boy blowing bubblesthornton-manor-359thornton-manor-365thornton-manor-367thornton-manor-369thornton-manor-373thornton-manor-375thornton-manor-384thornton-manor-390thornton-manor-391thornton-manor-393thornton-manor-397thornton-manor-398thornton manor at sunsetthornton-manor-409thornton-manor-412thornton-manor-425thornton-manor-426thornton-manor-437thornton-manor-446thornton-manor-447thornton-manor-457thornton-manor-468thornton-manor-480thornton-manor-490thornton-manor-499thornton-manor-504thornton-manor-509thornton-manor-513thornton-manor-523thornton-manor-525thornton-manor-526thornton-manor-542thornton-manor-550thornton-manor-556thornton-manor-565thornton-manor-567thornton-manor-575thornton-manor-580thornton-manor-586thornton-manor-589thornton-manor-590thornton-manor-596thornton-manor-600thornton-manor-605thornton-manor-611thornton-manor-613thornton-manor-622thornton-manor-625

Thornton Manor Wedding Photographer – Johnboy Wilson

  • Christian Pomaro said:

    Johnboy Wilson did an amazing job capturing our wedding and here is a selection of pics from the day....tagging the wife! Lisa Graves